Computational science has become the third pillar of scientific enterprise, a peer with traditional methods of physical experiments and theoretical investigations. High Performance Computing Solutions are increasingly required to address national and global priorities, such as understanding global climate change, protecting our natural environment, applying genomics-proteomics to human health, maintaining national security, mastering the world of nanotechnology, advancing engineering breakthroughs, and predicting and protecting against natural and human disasters, as well as to address some of our most fundamental intellectual questions such as the formation of the universe and the fundamental character of matter.

YOS promotes the use of the most advanced computing technology to accelerate scientific discovery critical to national competitiveness, global security and economic success. In strategic alliances with world leading HPC systems providers, YOS offers High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions – High End Computing, Large Capacity Storage & Archive, High Resolution Large Scale Scientific Visualization and High Speed Networking together with Code Optimization, Modeling & Simulation and User Support, as an essential tool in the development of a skilled and diverse 21st workforce to fuel the nation's technological leadership.

YOS High Performance Computing (HPC) team helps clients maximize the value of their infrastructure by creating unique solutions that address compute, storage, networking, security, application, facility and budget constraints, as well as future growth and extensibility. From small commodity clusters to extremely large proprietary systems, YOS offers domain experts to architect and seamlessly integrate the best solution based on each client’s unique needs. YOS HPC Solution Architect bring together the latest technologies with a range of server platforms and operating environments by combining the best-of-breed solutions to link the right solution for their client’s performance-based computing challenges.

Establishing a stable and efficient environment is essential to meet the unyielding demand for computing, storage and networking resources. YOS understands that clients need infrastructures to be stable and reliable, with limited downtime. The YOS HPC team provides each client with a comprehensive problem evaluation in order to determine specific requirements. YOS solutions help clients achieve their core mission by getting their environment up and running quickly so that they can focus on day-to-day business rather than their IT infrastructure. For existing architectures, YOS HPC team provides consulting services to help clients adapt their environment to achieve higher performance or expand their capabilities. Working side-by-side with scientists, researchers and industry alike, YOS’ team of experts helps clients demonstrate hardware and software in a simulated IT environment with system and industry specialists on-hand to answer specific questions. Leading edge technologies frequently require tuning in order to optimize their capability. YOS offers scientists with skilled problem-solving methodologies to help clients uncover hidden value in their resources through system and application tuning, parallelization, optimization, and migration to ensure clients achieve peak performance.

From HPC Solution Architect to System Administrators and Application Analysis, YOS has the expertise to help clients maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) by getting the most out of their infrastructure. YOS accessible thought leaders help to drive customer loyalty through positive experiences from the start, delivering services today and into the future, as promised.

YOS’ HPC Core Services

nSolutions Architecture

nSystems Integration

        - Requirements Analysis and Discovery

        - System Design

        - HPC Trends Analysis

        - Capacity Planning and Systems Roadmaps

        - Acquisition and Maintenance

nSoftware Benchmarking and Optimization

        - Comparative Benchmarking

        - Application/System Tuning

        - Application Parallelization and Optimization

YOS’ HPC Team Strengths

n Leverage Knowledge and Experience from leading HPC experts

n Exposure to the latest technologies

n Single or Multi-Vendor Product sets

n Competitively priced infrastructure solutions

n Increased reliability

n Improved total performance

n Fully integrated solutions

        - Site Planning and Preparation

        - Installation and Configuration

        - System Verification

nProblem Solving and Troubleshooting

        - System Administration and Management

        - System Configuration and Tuning

        - System Performance and Scalability

        - Operations Monitoring and Configuration

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