YOS is the authorized and value-added reseller of Sgi, Dell, HP and Supermicro Workstations to offers full-featured, high-performance professional Workstations for high-end Scientific, Engineering, Technical (SET) and Business graphics solution that delivers outstanding support for visualization, 3D animation, modeling, and motion media software applications.   

A very wide range of models from entry, medium to high end is available:

n  Architectures: Intel, AMD, NVidia CUDA, ATI, Multi-core & Large memory

n  Rack sizes: 4U.

n  Power Supplies: Single, Redundant, etc.

n  PCI slots: PCI, PCI-X, PCI-E, etc.

n  PCI cards: Ethernet, Fibre Channel, RAID, 10Gb, etc.

n  Disks: SATA, SAS etc.

YOS listens and evaluates the customer’s needs and goals to solve specific application challenges by providing state-of-the-art, innovative and integrated advanced visualization solutions that candisplay images in any size, resolution or shape, front or rear projected, on spherical, cylindrical, conic or flat screens and from small-scale screens to large-scale, domed configurations for Digital Signage Wall, Command & Control Multiple Display Wall or Immersive, 3D stereoscopic Virtual Reality (VR) environment. With the comprehensive range of advanced visualization technologies - high performance image generator, front or rear curved-screen, multi-channels flat screen or CAVE 3D projection & display systems, interactive haptic I/O and tracking devices, translational software and tools etc), YOS combines its multi-discipline engineering capabilities (ICT, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics etc), integration know-how and vast experiences to offer the turnkey and custom solutions for customers for various applications. Advanced visualization enables the customers to immerse them in and interact with their data for enhanced understanding, increased team collaboration and reduced risk and costs. Our continuing mission is to make advanced visualization display solutions more affordable and easier to use.

YOS integrated Advanced Visualization solutions provide high-performance, multi-functions computer modeling & 3D visual display for the following applications:

n Virtual Prototyping

n Architecture, Engineering and Construction

n Molecular Modeling for Life Sciences & Biochemistry

n Medical Education & Training

n Scientific Research

n Oil & Gas Exploration

n Analysis and Decision Centers

n Command and Control Centers in Homeland Security and Defense

n Museums & Entertainments

Please kindly contact us for any enquiries and further information.
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